Junior Troop #318

In May 2000 we bridged to Juniors, we used to be Brownie #78 !!  Out of our 20 previous girls, 19 are returning as Junior Troop 318 (1 has left Girl Scouts).

Watch our site grow with us!!  

Our First order of business, as Juniors, is to pick a troop crest.  We voted and the Hawaiian Lei won!

As part of our bridging to Juniors, We earned our Horse Lovers Badge.  We spent part of the weekend at the H Bar D Dude Ranch!!

Upcoming Events

Weekly Letters/ Notes from leaders

This summer some of our Girl's went to Summer Camp.... take a peek at what they did at:

Camp Hoover


Camp Near Wilderness

All about us:

                        Sprinkles                Gum Drop

Bon Bon                        Liberty                        Angel

Rockin'                          Squirt                         Giggles

  Hillie                             Kiss                            Richie

Sallie                              Lissy                          Mari

     Lucky                               Jackie                          Wheelie

   Bashful                           Peppie                           Kenny 


Click Here to find out where to sew badges etc on a Junior vest or sash:)

   Below are some web rings we have joined.  They are a great way to learn about troops around the world:) Or see the links below...

Sites We Like BUT Ask Mom or Dad First!!:

Girl Scouts of Central Square                        Brownie Troop 78

American Sign Language Guide                         Encarta Online

                         Just For Girls                          Red Cross Emergency Handbook

           PBS Kids                                            Yahooligans

                   Fox Kids                                    Willy Wonka's Candy Factory

      Cartoon Network                                        Crayola

             The San Diego Zoo                                      Ranger Rick

               The M & M's NetWork                                 Jelly Belly

                     The White House For Kids                  Jan Brett's Home Page

                                    Barbie                                     Laura Ingalls Wilder


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